Take back control of your health

Make sense out of your sensor data

Enrich your relationship with your healthcare provider

Improve your diagnosis and health assessment.

Your daily life is about well‑being

  • Wearables and monitoring apps can help you stay on healthy track
  • Do not let your impressions influence your doctor’s judgment
  • Follow your progress and get insightful feedback – in person or virtually.

Check in

  • Tap your phone at an interactive CareWave sticker. Use your phone NFC or scan 2D code with.

  • Your doctor will see that you are ready for a visit. You will be asked to share your data. You control every access.

  • After your consent, the doctor can have access to privately stored data on your account immediately. This data is analyzed and processed for direct insights about your health and condition.

Data cockpit

CareWave is a unique platform for doctors and patients offering support in diagnostics and plan adherence. During a patient visit, doctors can review the processed data from patient lifestyle in interactive graphs. They receive an overview about patient’s risks and recommended preventive steps without a need to dig into a large pile of sensor data.

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Our team

  • Dagmar Bošanská

    Dagmar Bošanská


    Dagmar is consultant who wants to redefine heath care and focus it to wellbeing and preventive care by implementation of latest technologies.

  • Peter Ceľuch

    Peter Ceľuch

    Chief developer

    Likes to create visionary user interfaces and has strong experience with eBanking solutions and software development.

  • Juraj Bárdy

    Juraj Bárdy


    Juraj is trying to find solutions how to integrate health applications together and uncover the value in clinical data.

  • Tomáš Bell

    Peter Wallin

    Key account manager

    Peter is a passionate communicator and consultant who drives people to self‑fulfilment in all life aspects, in particular their own health and healthcare.

Our partners

  • Európsky fond regionálneho rozvoja
  • eDiaSmart
  • Slovanská technická univerzita
  • Operačný program výskum a vývoj